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Today’s volatile markets require investors to be more proactive.

While a traditional approach to investing is often effective, the Optic strategies have shown the ability to further optimize investment results.

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Our Strategy Options

Optic option overlay strategies can be funded or unfunded. In funded strategies, investors open a separately managed account focused on a specific Optic strategy with cash. In unfunded strategies, we overlay an Optic strategy over an investor’s existing position without changing their holdings. Each strategy aims to generate more income while reducing volatility risk.

Regardless of the chosen approach, Optic Strategies open the complicated world of covered call options to investors who otherwise find them difficult to trade themselves.

Funded/New Separately Managed Accounts

SPY Optic

A covered call strategy overlaid on long exposure to the SPDR® S&P 500® ETF Trust (SPY).

Div Optic

A covered call strategy overlaid on holdings of certain dividend-yielding US equities.

Growth Optic

A covered call strategy overlaid on a small basket of growth stocks.

TLT Optic

A covered call strategy overlaying the iShares 20+ Year Treasury Bond ETF.

Unfunded/Overlayed Onto Existing Accounts

Optic Single Stock

Overlaid upon existing concentrated or large single stock positions.

Optic Portfolio Overlay

Overlaid across existing portfolio of stock or bonds.